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"We have needed a book like this for a long time. Spread the word—buy it, share it, gift it to a friend. This book will optimistically change the way you think about life after the military. A must-read for transitioning military but also for those hiring from this extremely qualified workforce."

—Major General Gordon C. Nash
US Marine Corps (Ret)
Corporate VP, Sierra Nevada Corporation
  Camouflage to Pinstripes: Learning to Thrive in Civilian Culture explores the major life change of exiting the military and returning to civilian culture as a psychological process. This book, based on research and derived from real people's experiences, shepherds readers through the process of navigating changes in culture, identity, awareness, and self-renewal. It will help individuals make the most of this period of time and leverage the lessons learned from others. The title phrase "camouflage to pinstripes" denotes more than doffing a uniform and donning a suit; it is a metaphor for a gradual journey of surrendering a beloved lifestyle and profession and thriving in a new culture.  

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